EDGE: Your Community. Your Advantage.

EDGE Development is a program as unique as Georgia’s Energy Cities. Designed specifically for the elected officials and staff of communities with enterprise operations, it provides the tools and support they need to lead prosperously. With an emphasis on strategy, industry and academic experts introduce a no-nonsense, customizable approach to improving a community’s quality of life through vision, planning and focused leadership.

Georgia’s Energy Cities have a long history of success driven by strong leaders and an enduring commitment to economic well being. Continued prosperity in today’s new age of acceleration requires the elected officials and staff of these communities to embrace change, adapt, and establish a broader perspective of modern economic development principles. Those with a competitive edge understand that cross-generational strategies are essential to building assets that will last for generations.
To learn more visit https://ecoga.org/edge-development
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For additional information on this program, please contact Michelle Weekley at mweekley@ecoga.org