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Who We Are & What We Do

The Municipal Gas Authority of Georgia (the Gas Authority) is the largest non-profit natural gas joint-action agency in the United States, serving 79 Members in Georgia, Alabama, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, and Florida that meet the gas needs of more than 245,000 customers. In addition, the agency provides services to 34 other agencies and public systems referred to as “Partners.” The Gas Authority serves as the manager of both Public Gas Partners, Inc. (PGP) and Main Street Natural Gas, Inc. (Main Street), which acquire and provide economical natural gas reserves, in the case of PGP, and long-term prepaid natural gas supplies, in the case of Main Street, to the Gas Authority and other public systems.


The Gas Authority was formed in 1987 by an Act of the Georgia General Assembly to assist municipal Members who own and operate natural gas distribution systems. Member and Partner systems are located on the pipeline facilities of seven interstate pipelines. The Gas Authority provides a broad array of gas supply, marketing and other related services, which deliver significant benefits to its Members, Partners and the customers they serve. Services include gas supply and storage management, supply and capacity planning, regulatory representation, industrial customer assistance, budget assistance, rate design, budget forecasting, market development, communications, project financing, risk management assistance, regulatory compliance, and training.


To provide municipalities a reliable, economical supply of natural gas, and to assist them in developing and growing their gas systems to optimize the benefits of public ownership.

Board of Directors

Chairman: Kenneth Usry, Mayor, City of Thomson

Vice Chairman: Chris Hobby, City Manager, City of Bainbridge

Secretary-Treasurer:Steve Sykes, City Manager, City of Camilla

Michael Clay, Director of Utilities, City of Dublin

Luther “Buddy” Duke III, Mayor, City of Adel

Todd Hardigree, Gas Superintendent, City of Lawrenceville

Jon Mason, Assistant Gas Superintendent, Chambersburg Municipal Gas Department

Howard McKinnon, Town Manager – Retired, Town of Havana (FL)

David Nunn, City Manager, City of Madison

Daren Perkins, Gas Superintendent, City of Buford

Chuck Shaheen, Former Councilman, City of Warner Robins

Irving Thompson, General Manager, East Central Alabama Gas District (Ashland, AL)


Arthur Corbin – President, Chief Executive Officer

Mike Frey – Chief Operating Officer

Chris Strippelhoff – Chief Membership Officer

Susan Reeves – Chief Financial Officer

General Counsel

Alston & Bird

Independent Auditors

Ernst & Young – Atlanta, GA


The Bank of New York, New York, NY