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The Municipal Gas Authority of Georgia is committed to helping our members bring the full benefits of natural gas to our customers and communities.

The Gas Authority is committed to help its Members bring the full benefits of natural gas to its customers and communities. Along with safely and reliably delivering an economical supply of natural gas every day, the Gas Authority is here to help Members retain and grow existing customers, add new customers and develop new markets. We have an outstanding team of professionals dedicated to serving our Members in growing natural gas sales through a variety of initiatives focused on residential, commercial, agricultural and industrial markets. In addition, the Gas Authority provides a host of other services to help Members in the areas of rate design and administration, system and strategic planning, regulatory compliance, and business analysis.

Gas Supply and Capacity Planning

Providing daily, monthly, annual and long-term gas load forecasting for Member cities and their customers, and acquiring pipeline capacity assets to meet forecasted needs. A principal objective is to maximize Member throughput on limitation days without incurring unnecessary costs.

Tina Smith
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Transportation and Storage

Optimizing capacity assets to ensure gas is appropriately transported to Members each day to serve their firm requirements and to minimize interruptions of gas service to large customers.

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Regulatory Representation

Monitoring and influencing as necessary legislative efforts at the Federal and State level that impact the natural gas industry and our Members. Advocating for Members in matters of the Public Service Commission.

Bill DeFoor
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Regulatory Compliance

Assisting Members and Subscribers in achieving and maintaining compliance with Federal and State pipeline safety matters.

Bill DeFoor
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Market Development

Growing and retaining Member customers in all sectors through various programs, incentives, and rebates. Working with builders/developers, contractors/installers, economic development authorities and others to provide cost-effective and reliable retail service.

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Main Street on Bill Financing

Providing a revolving financing fund for Members to use for customer growth and retention. Members may extend financing to their credit worthy homeowners to replace and/or install natural gas appliances.

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Assisting Members communicate the value of local, public ownership to customers and constituents. Representing the Members interests in national trade organizations and developing national marketing strategies and campaigns.

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Project Financing

Providing financing for Member expansions through turn-key loans or leases with third party financial institutions or in-house funding for smaller expansion projects.

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Risk Management Assistance

Providing hedging services for a variety of natural gas customer loads, as well as long-term prepaid gas supply transactions. Facilitating end-user carbon offset or renewable natural gas purchases.

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Providing in-house and third-party and national trade association training opportunities to Gas Authority and Member city personnel.

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Natural Gas Connection (NGC)

Providing a turn-key solution for Members to serve their retail consumers with “one-stop shopping” for appliance sales, installation and service. Through an online portal, over the phone, or in person shopping, participating Members may offer an exceptionally easy way for customers to have natural gas appliances in their homes.

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