The Gas Authority is Bringing the 2021 AMM To You! Register Today!

The Gas Authority’s 2021 Annual Membership Meeting has been transitioned to a virtual event, and we will be STREAMING LIVE directly to you.  It was our sincere hope to be able to gather together again in person at the King & Prince Beach and Golf Resort in early May, but due to the continuing concerns for safety, and vaccinations, and the ongoing travel limitations for many of our Members, Business Partners, and Customers, the early May date has prompted our decision to hold the 2021 AMM as a virtual event. 

We may not be able to gather together on Georgia’s beautiful coast, but we are bringing the AMM to you, and you won’t want to miss it!  We will be streaming LIVE sessions from 9:00 a.m. – 12 noon on May 6th, then holding our Board Election on May 7th.

2021 AMM Agenda Highlights

Thursday, May 6th |  9:00 am – 12 pm (est)

We have an exciting speaker line up for Thursday morning.  Take a look at what we are talking about during these informative, LIVE sessions.

Our guest speakers include:

  • Anne Carto, Director, Client Strategy & Sustainability, Adamantine Energy
    Topic: Stakeholder Engagement: The Race You Cannot Lose
  • David Holt, President, Consumer Energy Alliance
    Topic: Energy Politics of 2021 and Broadening the Conversation
  • Kenn Kington, Professional Comedian and President of KENN Productions
    Topic: Enjoying the Chaos

You can learn more about our speakers here.

We will also be recognizing our 2020 Member Awards winners, providing a Gas Authority overview from our President & CEO, giving away door prizes, and sharing other important industry information during this time together.

Friday, May 7th | 10:30 am (est)

  • 2021 Board Election – All details regarding the Board election will be sent by Peter Floyd, General Counsel, for the Gas Authority.  Our Members should watch for email communications regarding this year’s election from Peter.
    • (Note: This virtual Board election is not part the AMM registration form and delegate participation should be confirmed with Peter Floyd’s office.)

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The registration deadline to receive your meeting packet in the mail is April 21st, so don’t wait!



2021 Spring Regional Meetings Are Coming To You Virtually

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Spring is just around the corner, and the first buds of springtime flowers are already beginning to show off their promise of colorful beauty.   As we make our way into this new season of 2021, it’s encouraging to see how communities are working hard to keep moving forward in such positive ways, and as the COVID-19 health situation continues to improve, larger in-person gatherings are certainly looking brighter in the near future.

We will be holding our Spring Regional Meetings virtually on March 30 and April 6.  Pick the date that works best for you and block out 75 minutes on your calendar to participate. We hope you will save a date and make your plans to join us!

These two virtual events will provide valuable opportunities for us to connect with our Members to share updates and discuss some important topics.  Take a look at the agenda highlights — there’s a lot to talk about!

Agenda Highlights 

  • Welcome & Overview
  • Gas Authority Programs
    • Innovation & Growth Opportunities for Members
  • Member Profiles: Demonstration of Programs
    • 1. Main Street On-Bill Financing
    • 2. Small Project Financing
  • State Associations Roundtable – Rodney Dill, Moderator
    • Guest Speakers: Steve Loftin (NGAG), Dale Calhoun (FNGA), Mike Jewell (GMA Gas Section), Greg Chumley (NGAG), and Scott Tolleson (the Gas Authority)
  • Things You Need To Know
    • Regulatory Items
    • NGC Update
  • Door Prizes & Wrap Up

Meeting Dates & Registration

Tuesday, March 30 | 10:00 – 11:15 am


Tuesday, April 6 | 10:00 – 11:15 am


Virtual access:  We will be using the GoToWebinar platform for these meetings.  Once you register, an email with your personalized login will be sent to you.  If you have any questions regarding these meetings, please contact Rachel Reaid at

EDGE Development — The Advantage Your Community Needs

Registration in now open!

Through the unique partnership of Electric Cities of Georgia, the Municipal Electric Authority of Georgia and the Municipal Gas Authority we bring to Georgia’s Energy Cities a new economic development and strategic planning concept to promote sustainable growth.  Review the program summary here.

The Edge Development program is designed specifically for the elected officials and staff of communities with enterprise operations, it provides the tools and support they need to lead prosperously. With an emphasis on strategy, industry and academic experts introduce a no-nonsense, customizable approach to improving a community’s quality of life through vision, planning and focused leadership. Learn more about the program at


Manufacturing Defends Natural Gas Industry

In a recent Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) filing in support of a Connecticut natural gas pipeline expansion project, the Industrial Energy Consumers of America (IECA) organization filed comments that scrutinized the motives and means of anti-fossil fuels activists. Their filing encouraged regulatory authorities to consider the economic impact of natural gas, the need for more streamline permitting procedures and to approve this particular project.

The IECA represents manufacturing operations in the United States who stated “if we do not have sufficient deliverability capabilities to move natural gas to operate our facilities, we’ll have no choice but to relocate to other states or offshore.” The IECA represents leading manufacturing companies in diverse industries, including chemical, plastic, food processing, glass, pharmaceuticals, building products, and other products employing more than 1.6 million people in the US.

The filing urged the FERC to dismiss the “Keep it in the Ground” activists’ claims because they do not represent the will or needs of energy consumers. According to FERC documents, “These activists do not represent consumers in the state and they are not accountable for millions of employees who work in our factories in order to sustain their families and lifestyles. They represent an ideology that is not realistic when it comes to commerce or the wellbeing and safety of consumers who need the natural gas from this pipeline to heat their homes. For the record, IECA and its member companies support cost-effective production of renewable energy and its many environmental benefits. However, renewable energy is not a viable alternative to replace natural gas in manufacturing.”

“Manufacturing companies cannot operate facilities on electricity alone, whether it is produced from renewable energy, natural gas, nuclear, hydro, or coal. Our equipment will only operate on natural gas. And, natural gas on a Btu basis costs substantially less than a Btu of electricity. This is important because manufacturers compete globally and the competition is very tough. Business orders can be won or lost based on pennies on the dollar. If costs are not kept low, our products will be displaced by foreign imports. Due to technical limitations of manufacturers, if we were forced to stop using natural gas, we would have no choice but to shut down.”

The filing goes on to urge approvals for the pipeline project so as to not negatively impact commerce across the US, citing the integrated supply chain of manufacturers and how disruptions due to energy  would have costly ramifications across the chain of goods required in manufacturing processes. IECA stated that manufacturing companies cannot grow without increased supplies of natural gas and that, in fact, a more accelerated and streamlined pipeline permitting process is necessary to enable companies to more agilely make capital investments and compete more effectively in their respective global markets.

The IECA has aggressively been representing the manufacturing sector before the FERC in several pipeline projects under review and continues to make these bold and emphatic arguments in favor of keeping natural gas at the forefront of America’s energy policies.

Vision 2020 Strategic Plan Report

2020 Strategic Plan Report, By Michael Frey, COO

Shortly before the Gas Authority Annual Membership Meeting we emailed the first draft of our Vision 2020 Strategic Plan (Plan).  The Plan was issued in draft form so that Members may review and comment on the complete document, which is the culmination of input from all stakeholders over the last year.  We are asking for comments on the draft by mid-June.  Based on feedback received we will develop a revised draft, which will be reviewed with the Gas Authority Board in late June.  A final Plan should be issued in early July.

This draft Strategic Plan was developed over the last year, gathering input from our staff and from the Board, combined with interactive breakout sessions among Members at both the Fall 2015 and Spring 2016 regional meetings.  The discussions focused on identifying the critical success factors necessary for municipal gas utilities to thrive in the year 2020 and beyond. Importantly, the conversations were also intended to define the role of the Gas Authority in helping its Members achieve and sustain that vision.

The purpose of having a written strategic plan is to outline a vision for the Gas Authority that all stakeholders in the process can identify with, and support as a direction that will enhance the value of their joint-action agency and create additional value for Members.  The Plan includes our mission and values, which remain unchanged.  We know who we serve and our role, and we know how important having a natural gas distribution system is to each of our Member’s municipalities.  What has changed, and continues to change is the environment in which we operate, and it is these changing business conditions that drive the strategic issues we believe need to be addressed through the Plan.

Our three Corporate Goals are similar to the goals in our last strategic plan, but are entirely focused on what we heard from our Members; specifically, what will be required for them to grow the value of owning and operating a natural gas distribution system for their customers and communities.  To implement these goals, we identified three new initiatives, which will guide us in deploying resources, and hopefully engage all Members in implementing thoughtful strategies to sustain and grow their gas systems.

Please invest a few minutes to review the draft Plan, and provide any feedback that will help us finalize the Plan.  If you like the way the draft looks, please let us know that too. While we have worked together for a year to develop this vision, it will take years and the ongoing commitment of all stakeholders to achieve the vision we have jointly cast.

If you did not receive a draft Plan, or if you have any questions concerning how to provide feedback, please do not hesitate to contact Chris Strippelhoff or your Member Services representative.